Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Perfect Job

For those who did not get the newsflash on Facebook this past Monday (May 12, 2014) I was officially laid off from my corporate job which I have had for the last 4 years and 10 months.

Technically I am still employed until June 13th as we have been given some time to find a new position within the company. On the 13th I will receive a severance package if I have not found a new internal position. Those are the cold, hard facts of the state of my world.

The question everyone so nicely has been asking is "how are you doing?" To answer there needs to be a little back story...

I first took my "current" position right as Chris and I started dating. It was my firm belief and goal that he needed to quit his gig and start his own business and it made sense after years and years of head hunting and being paid only commission that we have at least one stable income while he launched his biz. He has done very well with Reyactive LLC and it has been slowing building for the past few years. Meanwhile I kept trudging along in the corp salt mine. Now to be very clear- I am and have always expressed my very pure gratitude for my job. It has been there to help us get married and to have a Quinn but my heart was never ever in it. It is and always was a J O B. I didn't bring it home at night and it was not how I identified myself- which frankly was a first for me and something I really struggled with during my days there.

I honestly felt a pang every time I saw one of those "live your passion" memes because while I have plenty of dreams and passions there was something I was doing for my family that was far more critical for us- its called putting a roof over our head and feeding us. I get the higher calling- I really do but for all you who preach the "life is too short to not follow your dream" please remember that someone can work just a "job" and still be living their dream- security for their family. Just a little food for thought the next time you get a little judge-y.

So back to the corp world- while a big huge company can provide the illusion of security I have been through a grinder or two so I never ever let myself get to comfortable. I always have had an eye open and a Plan B. My particular dept has been on the short list far too many times and finally it got cut. While we were getting the news I have to say my first emotion was relief. When you are constantly fearing and waiting for  the other shoe to drop its kind of a relief when it does. It's like "OK- that's what?"

So no shock and awe here other than just than a 2 minute panic attack on the way home. Our call was at 9am so when I walked in the door at 10 my husband was shocked but not really. Ironically I was supposed to be leaving Tuesday to go on a business trip which would have been my first night away from Quinn. Man plans- God laughs I guess.

Anyways- so all that is really to say I am OK with what has happened. I do have some financial runway to make adjustments and the real truth is we have been working to get me home since I got pregnant. If you pay attention to my husbands posts at all you know he is launching something BIG- so big that we were already prepping that I would be able to quit by August so really all corp USA did was steal my thunder!

I have been thrown a few leads but I have to say I did get one offer I could not turn down. My new employer has made it clear that the budget is tight and there is little advancement opportunities but it does come with some perks that are pretty amazing- unlimited huggles and cuddles and nuzzles! I am going to try my hand at being a full time momma!

I have a whole other blog post about my emotions on this but for now I can announce how happy and thrilled I am to be with my baby girl from her first smile in the morning to her last sigh as she falls asleep.

I will also be stepping up and working more with Chris on our business so more on that as well!

All in all I am blessed beyond belief and thanks to all who have offered support and good wishes! I am worried, scared, excited, happy......I could go on but you get it!

Damn- I am gonna have to get a Pinterest account now aren't I?? :::forehead slap::::


Jessica Lamb said...

Noooo!! Then I will literally be the ONLY momma left that has resisted the pinterest pandemic ;-)

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