Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Not my Strong Suit

Ok I am going a little stir crazy- the good news is I have been (sorta kinda) promoted at my job from a contractor to full time. Yay (applause, applause)!! The bad news is that means all my authorizations to actually do my job needed to be redone and now I am going on day 8 of having no access to any systems.

:::deep sigh:::

Today my biggest accomplishment was to hit 80 followers on Twitter and to hit up Tyra Banks for some free swag (she offered).


In other news and blogging related news at that- I am on the verge of having my first guest blog posted and published. I think it will be posted Feb 4th but I will double check that. It is for Rapport Leadership International which as you faithful readers will know is the leadership training I went to that my former company sent me to. I am VERY excited and as a follow up to my blog I will be featured on one of their weekly Achiever's calls. Pretty cool stuff.

I also threw my hat in the ring for another guest spot (thanks Fran) and that will be announced in a few weeks. That is a little less likely to happen but you never know.

Sooooo dear readers, I will ask you to keep your eyes peeled and if you see any blogs out there (or other outlets) that might be interested in my story I'd love to know about it. Our collective eyes are better than just mine.

So what else is news? Not much really.....things are calm in job land for me. A first in a long long time and I am happy about that. Really the rest of my world and attention is being focused on my boy.

We just hit our 8 monthaversary and have so many plans for the next 8....we just need some good stuff for him to start happening. There is a series of dominoes that will topple once he gets secure but waiting and watching this first one wobble but not sink is KILLING ME. The words faith and patience have been thrown around so much I have bruises from getting hit in the head with them so many times.

Neither is my strong suit and yet there is nothing I can do here but wait.....bleech.

So that I guess is the theme of the month- patience. Letting things happen and unfold without me doing a damn thing. Grrrrrrr, how I hate that.

Until then....I am going shopping to see what else (other suit) might fit me better ;)

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