Thursday, January 7, 2010

2010- A year of changes

So my lovelies....the first blog of the new year. It's going be just a quickie but with a big request. Your participation. I am not sure why I have never had a "must leave a comment" kinda audience and I want you to know I LOVE comments. I'd love to hear your thoughts/opinions/questions/suggestions. In other words, once again I am turning to my tribe for HELP.

I also have BIG MAJOR plans for this blog soonish so I am also calling on everyone who reads this to TELL A FRIEND. Please pass on the link to anyone who you think might be interested/inspired by my story. I know its an odd thing blogging. You have to be narcissistic enough to write about yourself but then you are so insecure you feel like no one actually cares. So show me you care about me and each other. Make the comments section your new home and get to know each other. I promise everyone reading this has a story that would break your heart and I want to give you a gentle place where you heart can heal and get stronger. that's the housekeeping business. You all with me?? Good!

Now me- like I said this is the short version so the update for today is HEALTH. Yes I am back on the bandwagon after gaining 30 lost pounds back. Somehow they found their way home. Drat it all. So I am once again counting calories and getting back to exercising. I am looking for more diverse tools for this round and I thought you might like it if I shared? Yes? No? Let me know....y'anno, in the COMMENTS section? New habits take time to build....start by leaving a comment today just to see how it feels.

Ok so the TOOLS....and please feel free to suggest some. I am sure we would all love some tips. I found this website (thx Amy) the Hungry Girl website is awesome! All kinds of good info and I can't wait to try her omelet in a mug! I have also stocked up on fitness dvd's I got the Biggest Loser's Power Yoga (level one kicked my ass and I have been doing yoga for a year!) and the Boot Camp (tonight's adventure- stay tuned for my review).

Other than that I turn to you guys to give me some tips. Help!! My goal is to get to 175 and see how that looks then hopefully take it down to 160.

So that's the news for now. Look for some FUN announcements in the near future to break up all that drama that seems to keep finding me.



Anonymous said...

Good Luck Tracey...Scott and I looked into the Every Other Day Diet which has some good concepts but hard to follow with kids :) We did get a blender and protein powder because there are some good recipes with the diet. We both need to exercise but keep putting it off! :) I bought Flax Seed AND Chia Seeds to add to our diet which are supposed to be good for you.

THerrick said...

That is awesome- I have heard about Flax but not Chia- what are those?

Chris George, The CI Guy said...
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Chris George, The CI Guy said...

Do you need to have a Chia pet in order to have the Chia seeds?

This is *fantastic*, Tracey. Good job.