Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Someone thinks you are special

I was just reading a blog called Single Dad Laughing about Dan (the author) sending out a text to 218 random people basically telling them they are special. You can click the hyperlink to read the responses for yourself. Some are funny, some are sad and most did not reply.

It's the ones who did not reply who I am thinking about. Did they just delete as a wrong number or did they for even a second stop to let the message soak in? Were they able to believe for a single moment that someone in the world truly did think they are special and deserved being told so?

My guess is no. We are so hard wired to push away compliments- especially when we feel they are undeserved. I have to admit my husband and I are both very bad at just accepting the love and nurturing and unconditional love that we heap upon each other- and we do- yet there are still those little voices we all have that whisper "not you- no one could love you." Not true of course- totally the opposite in fact and yet....

I have 248 contacts in my phone....I wonder how many of them (you) know how much I love and appreciate them.      

Perhaps I will poke a few to find out :)

*****update: I have sent out about 75 messages and lots of awesome comments have been sent back including this one from my husband.*******

I highly suggest doing this and if you got a message from me just pay it forward to someone else !