Wednesday, March 3, 2010


What better way to start off a morning that with a quickie? Blog I mean....geesh, you people!

So much is going on I just wanted to jot down a quick note to promise that details will be coming soon. Things at work are incredibly busy (which is great) so that is taking up a bunch of time. I will catch up soon so hang in there until I do...

So my weekend of giving back and volunteering for Rapport was amazing (as Rapport experience always are). As I said I will go into more detail later but I wanted to share my biggest take-away. (I am sharing this with the permission of the person who said it) One of the students said that moving forward after this class he is going to "be more aware of the eternity of his "decisions."

I thought that was awesome and something none of us do enough of- really consider how whatever decisions we make cause ripples that reach out further than we can ever know.

Kinda gives me chills....

And my second update is I did indeed start the Cookie Diet Monday as planned. The cookies actually taste better then I remember and I am getting back into the groove. I am not working out this week (aside from my usual little walk-abouts on my lunch break) while my body adjusts to the diet BUT I have lost 4 lbs in the first 2 days. Last time I did the diet I was hitting about 20lbs a month. I am not hung up on the numbers I just want to keep at it until I hit my goal.

More details on all later I just wanted to get this quickie update out.

::::lights a cigarette::::

Ahhhh, was it good for you too?


Anonymous said...

Well Miss Tracey, I'd say congratulations are in order. I'm quite proud of your decision to make a decision before 'things' got out of hand. Great work! Now if this cookie diet works well for you then keep at it! As the pounds go away (where DO they go?) make sure you focus on strategies that will address your real goal of long term health at your desired weight.

It sucks that eating is a requirement; I totally get that. The challenge to eat the right amount of the right stuff is a lot harder than being able to swear off entirely.

JFDI baby!

On an entirely different note: Thank you so much for spending your weekend in support of our PC class. Amazing experience as I expected, and it was made all the better because you were there. Muchas Gracias Chica!

----Jean Lewis

Anonymous said...

Show those funbags!!!!