Friday, May 14, 2010

And, and...then the BEAR jumped out

Ok, so it's not my fault- I SWEAR. You see there was a plane....and, and it crashed. Nonono, there was a flood and then a big wave came and..... OK no, what REALLY happened was a black hole opened up and the whole universe got sucked into it.


So yes my lovelies I am so so so sorry I have not blogged recently but frankly I blame the boy. The boy who has been recently upgraded from boyfriend to roomie!! Yes for those non FB readers Chris has officially moved in with me! It has been 3 weeks and the settling process is nearly complete. I think we are down to 4 boxes left to unpack and that is mostly books and office stuff.

Now I have never lived with a bf and I have not had a roommate for over 10 years so I have been a bit nervous to see how it would all shake out but all in all I have to say that its been pretty great. I will go into much more detail over the weekend since I now am able to a) get into my office and b) function in the office. I just wanted to post something before a search party was sent out to find me.

The truth is I am doing well and have never been happier in my life.....but don't you worry, there will always be drama to entertain us all. More on that later. ;)

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